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With over 20 years of commercial banking experience, president Joanne Campagna has developed an acute understanding of the unique needs and challenges businesses may encounter. Specializing in the industries of architecture, manufacturing, and professional services, she delivers strategic financial guidance to both US domestic companies and Canadian cross border firms.

Our Services


Loan structuring

  • Assist firms to create the best credit structure to achieve growth goals.

  • Works with all Government Agencies to ensure the full breadth of incentives are captured.

  • Navigates the often intimidating financial process.

Bank Financing Insight 

  • Review conventional and nontraditional lending options available in todays’ market.

Government Program Applications

  • Provide contacts & Insight.

  • Act as your liaison to navigate the process.

  • Advise on expansion programs including grants, financing, and other growth incentives.


Cross Border Expertise

  • Canadian Subject Matter Expert in all aspects of Banking, Financing, & Treasury Management.

Project Management

  • Oversee all aspects of business capital expenditure programs.

  • Specializes in Ground Up Construction & Building Expansion plans.

Business Development

  • Provide strategies to reach target clients.

  • Represent clients at trade events.

Social Media

  • Set up business page on various business platforms.

  • Enhance brand awareness through weekly social content.


Joanne Campagna brings over 20+ years of commercial banking experience.

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Specializing in the industries of architecture, manufacturing, and professional services, we provide a modern perspective embracing all available programs and platforms to achieve your company’s financial and growth goals, whether domestic or cross border.  

Our Partners